Infor BI Reports – Difference between Birst, Infor Bi, and Lawson BI

Birst Birst, a cloud business intelligence analytics platform, is designed to help organizations understand, decipher, and optimize complex situations, and processes in less time than a traditional BI solution. This unique approach connects teams and applications not only domestically, but across the enterprise, to create a trusted standard of analytics and insights, which can ultimately … Continue reading Infor BI Reports – Difference between Birst, Infor Bi, and Lawson BI

Custom Infor BI Reports

Custom Infor BI Reports When looking and analyzing Infor Business intelligence Reporting (BI reports), the top attributes to look for is what information is being provided through the system. BI reports can be used to create any type of graph, chart, statistical data, or even textual content. BI Reporting has been proven after time and … Continue reading Custom Infor BI Reports

Understanding Managed Services

Technology can be confusing to everyone young and old. From updates to system management, to cyber theft, it seems like there’s always something new to worry about in our complicated digital age of technology. When it comes to managed services, it’s not just about the main service itself, but instead, its SAP Application Management Services, … Continue reading Understanding Managed Services

The Role of Goal-Setting in Career Development

Recently, the Cendien team sat down with Liz Ulloa to discuss the importance of personal and professional goals in career development. A longtime friend of Israel's, Liz spent many years working in the service industry before leaving the industry to start her own financial consulting business. Throughout her career and her personal life, Liz has used goal-setting … Continue reading The Role of Goal-Setting in Career Development