Why Healthcare Organizations Need Infor

In the healthcare industry, there are four main aspects hospitals worry about the most: Accuracy, patient safety, improving the healthcare system, and developing a stronger and trusted relationship between patients and healthcare providers. As the world becomes more technologically advanced, Healthcare providers are fighting to keep up. From focusing on patients to developing a more efficient system, many providers may not realize they are in fact, stretching themselves too thin. 

This is where Infor comes in. 

Infor, a multi-national enterprise software company, specializes in supplying Healthcare organizations with multiple systems, assistance, and programs to help their every need. This is especially helpful when a health information system (HIS) is managed into different sections. This would essentially take the Healthcare information, financial data, supply chain, human capital management (HCM), BI reporting, business development, analytical reporting, and more and streamline its operations into one structured and systematic system. 

Recently, when Infor collaborated with Healthcare Innovation on a survey on supply chains, this is what 400 people from a Cardinal Health responded:

  • 65% of respondents—who included physicians, nurses, service line leaders, and supply chain administrators—wished they did not have to perform supply, inventory and administrative tasks.
  • Nearly 20% of clinicians’ workweek is spent on supply chain management tasks.
  • 78% of respondents still manually count inventory in some areas of their supply chain.
  • Nearly one-third of respondents said it’s been six years or more since their hospital has implemented a new inventory management system.

The results showed there was a great need for a modern supply chain, among other things. 

One way Healthcare Organizations can make their lives easier is by implementing Infor’s CloudSuite Healthcare

CloudSuite, as mentioned in a previous article, is essentially a way to cut costs but without compromising patient care. As stated on their website, “CloudSuite Healthcare provides the information and analytics needed to identify areas of potential cost savings, as well as ways to boost revenue streams.” When a Healthcare provider chooses Infor, their new implementation would help fuel financial and supply efficiencies, from requisitions to payments, with a unified solution that links budgetary controls, projects, and grants.

Benefits of choosing Infor

When Concordia Plan Services, a not-for-profit healthcare organization chooses Infor CloudSuite Healthcare, they experienced a 30% reduction customizations of Infor solutions, avoided a $350,000 capital expenditure required for an on-premise deployment, and saved $300,000 in labor costs. 

Any Healthcare organization considering Infor CloudSuite Healthcare will receive the following benefits:

Affordability of care

  • Real-time interfaces between modules
  • Supplier onboarding and invoice KPIs
  • Reporting and consolidation

Employee potential

  • Science infusion
  • Mobile app HR transactions
  • HCM and other solution integration
  • Talent and workforce management

Real-time visibility

  • Financials, supply chain, and HCM
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics reporting
  • Embedded analytics

Supply chain visibility

  • Science-based supply recommendations
  • Tools to minimize stockouts
  • Mobile app supply transactions

Data analytics

  • Cost control
  • Share data
  • Improve business growth

Security protection

  • Backs up data
  • Encrypt Data
  • Monitor usage
  • Protects patients information

For any Healthcare organization, their main concerns will always be Human Capital Management (HCM), Clinical Interoperability (CIN), Supply Chain Management (SCM), and Financial Management (FM). While organizations are also being challenged to reduce cost and waste while improving care and operations there are also solutions.

If you and your Healthcare organization want to learn more about implementing Infor, visit Cendien.com or contact (214) 245-4580. 










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