Data Privacy Day – What You Need to Know.

January 28 is widely known as Data Privacy Day. 

As of 2019, an average of 4.13 billion people worldwide currently has access to the internet. Because of these high numbers, 91 percent of attacks launch with a phishing email, and 43 percent of all cyber-attacks are aimed at small businesses. Without the proper security or even basic technology protection knowledge, you unknowingly raise your chances of a vicious attack. 

So, with hackers across the globe waiting for the perfect attack, and breaches ready to take over your entire device, how does one stay calm, and prepared?

Since one of our specialties is data security, we wanted to inform everyone on how to protect yourself and your valuable data.

To lower your chances, or even to avoid a future attack, here are some tips for practicing data security:

  1. Be careful of what you share, post, or click into online. This can range from SSN’s to credit card information, student/health records, or even addresses. 
  1. Double-check all of your emails. Don’t just open links and start downloading attachments, especially from unknown sources. Make sure you learn how to identify these phishing emails to avoid any potential damages.
  1. Check and research the websites you may put your personal information into. Once you post, published, enter anything online, it’s nearly impossible to completely delete it from the internet. 
  1. Avoid storing passwords in your browsers, and block pop-up and third-party cookies from your device. You should also ensure all your passwords are strong enough to avoid hacking. 
  1. Practice safe browsing by keeping your using a VPN (a virtual private network) and keeping your privacy settings on. 
  1. Be careful what you download from the internet, and what you order from online. This includes downloading photos for a project to ordering clothing from a mysterious website. 
  1. Make sure you backup your important files, documents, and photos in a different location. 
  1. And lastly, be sure you always keep your software up-to-date and install anti-virus protection. 

With Cendien, we ensure all organizations and companies’ software are always at the top of its game. With Microsoft Azure, we’re able to monitor and manage any virtual and cloud computing machine while creating a strong defense against any cyber-attack.

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