Limitations of Infor BI Reports

Business Intelligence software is widely known as the main and professional way to gather and translate data. It had led to organizations to cut cost, identify new potential opportunities, and make better decisions. But with all of the challenges surrounding the BI process, there are going to be cons involved.

Different conclusion from the same data

  • One con would be the inconsistency due to human error- decision-making process. Two completely different people could look at the same results and get vastly different outcomes. If the organization doesn’t find a middle ground, then BI reporting to their business would be considered useless.

It blends personal and business boundaries

  • When accessing reports on a mobile device, tablet, or laptop, sometimes this would require the employees to use their devices to access the information. Usually, the data collected would come from private information, those who don’t want to have it used by a specific organization.
    This can lead to blending boundaries and making those who disagree with it feel uncomfortable.

Data security is questionable

  • We’ve seen the data breaches at large companies like Target, Home Depot, Uber, Yahoo, Chase Bank, Macy’s Delta Airlines, and several others. No system is 100% safe unless you are completely disconnected from an online portal. Breaches are something a company must always keep in mind and prepare for.

Costly problems

  • The cost will always be a potential issue. Even companies who solely rely on mobile or even Could-based solutions may run into cost issues later. Be sure to do your research, because not every vendor and/or Managed Services has transparent prices. And once you add in the data overages, premium services or even hidden fees, who knows what the price would be then!

Evolving regulations for business intelligence

  • As technology continues to advance, so will regulations for business intelligence. Organizations and companies who experience a data breach can have legal sanctions or even regulatory sanctions placed on them. A company must ensure they are keeping up and updating their BI applications, or risk suffering a loss from a security breach.

Availability issues

  • Even though Business Intelligence has been around for quite a while not, and is available for most companies at their disposable, sadly, now every company will get the chance to experience it. Not every company is well-developed. While some businesses have had the luxury of managing their business efficiency for the past decade, others may not see this chance for quite a while.

Need for multiple BI applications

  • While there are multiple Business intelligence options available at our fingertips, most of them tend to provide one specific service tailored to that specific need. To get all the services, you just may have to purchase the entire system to ensure your BI is fully integrated. In addition, particular software may not incorporate all of the tools you may need to create a report.

With business intelligence, the pros considerably outweigh the cons. It is up to the business to do their research and find the software that will fit all their short-term and long-term needs.

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