Infor BI Reports – Difference between Birst, Infor Bi, and Lawson BI


Birst, a cloud business intelligence analytics platform, is designed to help organizations understand, decipher, and optimize complex situations, and processes in less time than a traditional BI solution. This unique approach connects teams and applications not only domestically, but across the enterprise, to create a trusted standard of analytics and insights, which can ultimately lead to smarter decisions. Within their system which incorporates multi-tenant cloud platforms, combines the complete BI and analytics, allowing them to do:

• Visualization

• ETL/Data Prep

• Reporting

• Analysis

With their building smart intelligence, they can address all architectures, public and private clouds. Being an industry-leading product for business professionals, has patented data preparation and end-user visualization, for those who want to discover insights within data and organizations who need to build new analytics solutions.

Infor Business Intelligence (BI)

Infor Business Intelligence (BI), is a set of proven solutions which incorporates and gathers the process of gathering, analyzing, reporting, and key planning for business information. By creating and simplifying complex choices, Infor BI can give an individual the advantage they need. The Infor Solutions are broken up into nine key parts which include:

• Infor Motion and Bi Dashboards

• Infor BI OLAP Server

• Infor BI Application Studio

• Infor BI Office Plus

• Infor Business Analytics

• Infor BI Planning

• Infor BI Consolidation

• Infor BI DeltaMiner

• Infor BI ImportMaster

With Infor BI, there are several areas in which business and decisions makers can improve their ability. These benefits include: Access important business information, filtering and analyzing data for better decision making, publishing information throughout their organizations at any time/anywhere, continuous update reports and analysis on a timely basis without requiring IT resolutions and involvement, merging data from multiple sources into a single report, quickly transform raw data into valuable information, receiving faster results and an increased ROI for your intelligence investment, and planing or forecasting their business.

Lawson Business Intelligence (BI)

Lawson BI, an organization-wide reporting suite Lawson product, is responsible for delivering actionable reports, tailoring to each specific need, and job responsibility, while also delivering critical information. The support system focuses on joining together applications and technologies, while also providing detailed reporting and accurate analysis of various solutions, It’s made up of three features:

• Analytic Architect

The Analytic Architect will let you extract, transform, and load Lawson data from their applications, into Hyperion Essbase OLAP Server or Microsoft Analysis Service. The system can also create CSV or Star Schema output with a variety of reporting tools.

• OLAP Database

OLAP or Online Analytical Processing is a type of technology used to organize businesses database while supporting business intelligence. The OLAP is divided into one or more cubes. Each cube is organized and designed to fit the way data is found, retrieved, and analyzed. OLAP is broken down into seven sections: Cube, Measure, Member, Calculated Member, Dimension, Hierarchy, and Level.

•   Reporting Tools

When considering reporting tools, a variety of third-party data warehouse tools can be utilized to report and analyze the output. While these tools are usually part of a BI system, they can also be independent software solutions, created for presenting information, creating reports, and data visualizations. These reports can be used to create any type of graphs, charts, statistical data orc textural content. The systems can range from SAP Crystal Reports, Sisense BI Reporting, Datapine BI Reporting, Yellowfin Reporting, Looker, Domo, Tableau Reporting, Phocas, Sysomos, and OpenText Analytics Suite.

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