Custom Infor BI Reports

Custom Infor BI Reports

When looking and analyzing Infor Business intelligence Reporting (BI reports), the top attributes to look for is what information is being provided through the system. BI reports can be used to create any type of graph, chart, statistical data, or even textual content. BI Reporting has been proven after time and time again to be a successful tool for driving data decision making. 

But, before you start, you don’t just want to create any report. Instead, you want to find something that would help translated stats, processes, and information into a clear and concise format. To do that, you need great software to easily turn any amount of data into an engaging, condensed, automatic reports. 

Here is a list of the top 10 reporting software tools:

1. SAP Crystal Reports

– Being one of the most popular software, SAP makes presenting data through reports extremally easy. Multiple users can access the system at once while enjoying its great flexibility and customization for various reports. 

2. Sisense BI Reporting

– This system includes fully interactive reports which will continue to update automatically. All of the reports and dashboards feeds on real-time data while allowing access from any mobile or desktop device. The system not only won the Best Business Intelligence Software Award for FinancesOnline, but it provides an end-to-end BI reporting tool. 

3. Datapine BI Reporting

– Datapine allows for easy monitoring for any business information and easy sharing dashboards or reports within seconds. The system is highly secured with all of its unlimited dashboards, and its ability to crunch data. Since it has a great UI and UX, it allows for a performance of data analysis to be performed in under 10 minutes. 

4. Yellowfin Reporting

– With Yellowfish, you can easily predict the future with its comprehensive insights, actionable dashboards, and clear reports. You cannot only build and create multiple reports at once, but it allows you to blend multiple data sources, to incorporate creative visualizations and infographics. It also comes with governance and security to ensure trust. 

5. Looker

– If you’re looking for a system with creative and dynamic charts, with stunning cloud-based business intelligence, then look no further because Looker is here for you. Since all of their visualizations and charts are built on fresh direct and they update in real-time, this means you can easily create reports in no time. And since it is web-based, there is no software to download.

6. Domo

– If you are looking for the best mobile BI reporting tool, then Domo is the right choice. With its unique group of social collaboration, it was created for decision-makers, with 300 and more interactive charts, reports, and dashboards for not only mobile, but online, and desktop as well. 

7. Tableau Reporting

– Tableau, one of the leaders in the BI industry, is one of the most popular BI solutions which help businesses represent, visualize, report, analyze and understand their data. This system focuses more on-trend analyses, linear regression models, and correlations for tried and true statistical analysis and understanding. Being one of the most easier reporting tools on the market, it quickly provides live visual analytics and fuel unlimited data exploration. 

8. Phocas

– With Phocas’ data visualization and extensive report capabilities, expect it to deliver data, reports, and visuals seamlessly and effortlessly. You can also track trends, see new opportunities, track performances, decipher data instantly. 

9. Sysomos

– Sysomos provides business intelligence and reporting on owned, earned, and paid media. The insights-driven social platform makes great use of the social research engine by giving you complete visibility (proactive social monitoring) and control over all data.

10. OpenText Analytics Suite.

– If you want help improving your decision making, then OpenText Analytics Suite was made just for you. This tool can perform analytics against large amounts of data which can be structured or unstructured. This will also allow you to share and socialize your findings based on the personalized reports, and self-service data preparation exploration and advanced analytics. 

Most of the results from BI Reporting is confirmed by the results of the software. Once it captures and analyzes the data, the reports can then be turned into statistical data, visual charts, and standard textual content. Regardless of what reporting tool you use, the actions will help the business/organization with their short term, long term, or strategic decision making.

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