Design and Development for Infor BI

When focusing on development and design, it’s not just the managing, companies have to worry about, but also the type of content they send out as well. It’s important to know the right steps to take during this process. This type of process is very risk-focused. The Infor Deployment Method helps identify risks as early as possible, to avoid additional costs, time-frame overruns, and overall organizational instability. 

With Infor, there are two processes of the Deployment Method. The Project Management Process, which includes the three stages of Initiation and Planning, Execution Monitoring and Control, and Closure. The second stage known as the Implementation Process has five stages: Inception, Elaboration, Construction, Transition, and Optimize. 

Here are the five steps you need to take.

Step one: Project Scope and Discovery

The first step starts as specific needs are gathered into a report. This is created as programmers combine the report requirements, technical information of the data sources, report details like how it’s delivered to end-users, and the best method to obtain access to data sources. 

Step two: Quote or Estimate

Regardless of the application which is reported (the database of even the type of report), another developer will review the report, and decide on an estimation of completion time. This means the clients will be provided with not only the estimated lead time but the cost required as well.

Step Three: Development/ Programming Your Reports

Once the approval is set between the client and company, the reports will be added to the development queue. They can then either connect remotely to the client’s database or utilize a sample database to develop their reports. 

Step Four: Testing the Reports

In the end, programmers and consultants will send the client the completed reports. This is done so for the client to authorize the validity of the data. 

Step Five: Deploying Your Results

When all reports are complete, they can then be scheduled to run automatically and emailed to users. Administrators also have the power to shut or lockdown complete access to reports, encrypt reports, log user activity, and even integrate with other applications. 

Rather than using a product-based approach, The Infor Deployment Method focuses more on solution-based approaches to implementations. This process is used for all cloud, hosted, and on-premises Infor Implementation projects. With this unique approach, Infor can deliver six key benefits. 

These benefits also include World-class project management, Milestone driven, Vertical-specific content, Process modeling and “Action Labs”, Value realization, and Iterative and incremental prototyping. The Infor Deployment Method is considered to be changeable across all Infor’s products and vertical makers, and extremally effective for highly disciplined approaches, and fast flexible approaches for implementation models. 

This process is not just software, it’s also business improvements which is built on an industry of open standards, like the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), the Software & Systems Process Engineering Metamodel (SPEM), and The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF).

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