Understanding Managed Services

Technology can be confusing to everyone young and old. From updates to system management, to cyber theft, it seems like there’s always something new to worry about in our complicated digital age of technology. When it comes to managed services, it’s not just about the main service itself, but instead, its SAP Application Management Services, and its focus on business optimization and innovation.

SAP Application Management Services, or AMS, are various services which are provided by organizations and companies that need to outsource some of, or all, of their SAP enterprise application support. AMS providers will offer IT and application support/management expertise for other companies. The system is broken down into five parts: Strategy, Governance, Organization, Process, and Technology.

Here are some of the services SAP AMS providers can offer:

•    One-Stop Global Shop: A single point of contact for your complete SAP solution.

•    Business Focus: You maintain focus on your core business and strategy, while we take care of the rest.

•    System Stability: Reduce downtime when repairing equipment or software.

•    Predictable Support Cost: Pay in equal monthly payments.

•    Reduced Staff Risk: Mitigate the risk of losing key resources by augmenting your support staff.

•    Value: You made an investment in SAP to deliver value. Let intelligence AMS help you do more.

So, what are the benefits?

1.    AMS can help your company focus more on the strategic aspects, instead of the tactical aspects. The service focuses more on the important parts by driving more value from your SAP solution.

2.    AMS can tailored solutions that have been proven to work, with your needs. As technology advances continue to increase, the AMS partner can easily keep up with consistent updates and improvements. They can quickly adjust to the demands of your IT operations.

3.    The application management practice is not only responsible for maintaining client applications, but also technology infrastructures. Since the SAP Application Management Service has 24×7 database monitoring, you can expect to see a constant predictable structure like remote application and database administration, Cloud migration, back-up and recovery, disaster planning, and performance tuning and upgrades.

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