Why Healthcare Organizations Need Infor

In the healthcare industry, there are four main aspects hospitals worry about the most: Accuracy, patient safety, improving the healthcare system, and developing a stronger and trusted relationship between patients and healthcare providers. As the world becomes more technologically advanced, Healthcare providers are fighting to keep up. From focusing on patients to developing a more … Continue reading Why Healthcare Organizations Need Infor


ERPs and all about them In the past, businesses and organizations functions such as financials, supply chain, operations, reporting, procurement, manufacturing, and Human Resource activities, were managed vastly different on separate systems, than we know of today. But now, thanks to ERP, we can focus on these processes while also helping businesses grow. ERP is … Continue reading WHAT IS ERP AND DO YOU NEED IT?

What Is CloudSuite and Do I Need It

What is CloudSuite We’ve all heard of the Cloud and how it’s a global network of servers that helps back up series of information. But what about CloudSuite? What exactly is it, and will a business like yours need it now, or even in the future? CloudSuite is predominantly Infor’s “comprehensive portfolio of enterprise resource … Continue reading What Is CloudSuite and Do I Need It

Data Privacy Day – What You Need to Know.

January 28 is widely known as Data Privacy Day.  As of 2019, an average of 4.13 billion people worldwide currently has access to the internet. Because of these high numbers, 91 percent of attacks launch with a phishing email, and 43 percent of all cyber-attacks are aimed at small businesses. Without the proper security or … Continue reading Data Privacy Day – What You Need to Know.

Requisitions VS. Purchase Orders

Purchase RequisitionsWhen defining requisitions and purchase orders, it’s important to know not only how they are different, but what they stand for. Both key documents are used to managed cost within a business or company. They both not only have control over employee and manager spending but also increase the chance of receiving discounts on … Continue reading Requisitions VS. Purchase Orders

Stages of a procurement process

To have an efficient procurement process, there are several steps to take, to have a proactive and efficient requisition. Any types of procurement inefficiencies can cost organizations huge losses in cash, due to delayed purchases, missed discounts, and transaction disputes. All procurement management process involves several elements, including requirements determination, supplier research, value analysis, raising … Continue reading Stages of a procurement process

What is Requisition?

Requisitions or purchases requisitions are forms of documents used when employees or leaders, need to request goods or services from the company. These types of documents are mainly used to inform the department leaders of the order. Once completed, it's passed onto the finance team to coordinate and order the supplies needed. This can range … Continue reading What is Requisition?

Measuring Digital Transformation Success

It’s important to remember that digital transformation does not happen overnight. Once a person starts planning and receiving your results, how would one truly know their success? Without knowing this, it is impossible to make timely changes to improve its success rate. A company’s traditional metrics would include revenue, cost, and customer satisfaction. While this … Continue reading Measuring Digital Transformation Success

Secrets of getting Digital Transformation Right

Digital transformation may sound easy, but when it comes to mastering the process, that’s where most people, organizations, and businesses go wrong. The key to getting digital transformation right, is first, taking customers and data into consideration, and leadership. When this process is done correctly, companies can enjoy the positive benefits of increased market share, … Continue reading Secrets of getting Digital Transformation Right